Are you looking for a fresh new way to create more sales…you can now attract more customers, create amazing displays & make more profit!

DAWN® Scoop & Bake range now offers a versatile bake off cookie dough to create, fresh delicious cookies.

Not only does this easy to use solution help you to deliver a variety of cookie offerings but also creates unique and eye catching cookie based dessert alternatives, making our customers stand out and demand premium price points!
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The DAWN® Scoop & Bake range of frozen batters and dough’s is a great solution which enables you to create high price point products and your own signature range quickly and easily! Thanks to the versatility of DAWN® Scoop & Bake YOU can create that impulse and tempt more customers – every day!

Offering the ultimate brownie experience from smell – appearance – to taste!

DAWN® Scoop & Bake will soon offer a new product within our bake off range – with all the great features of a versatile S&B products. Based on an authentic American recipe Dawn launches the NEW S&B Brownie.
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Then simply Pour, Shape or Scoop… Pick a flavour, select a format and begin! There are favourite flavours such as Blueberry or Double Chocolate Batters, Carrot Cake or Vanilla Cookie Dough, or try more unusual flavours like Milk Chocolate and Orange and Banana and Toffee.

The Scoop & Bake range enables you to differentiate your business by giving you the flexibility to bake multiple formats, flavours combinations for any trend, season or occasion.

Fresh from the oven, Scoop & Bake products deliver tempting aromas, creating an exciting buying experience.


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Our range of frozen batters and dough’s, are packed in easy to store 2kg tubs, which keep up to 8 days once thawed.  More >>

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